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finanime My favorite metal record of 2015. One of the best albums I've ever heard, in fact. Favorite track: Modern Slavery Exists.
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Trveheimer angry and intense black metal. good lyrics. Favorite track: Enough.
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Meatbreak ".....The constant vibrating distortion draws shapes and emotions that recall the doomed Angelic Process, while a piercing strangulated shriek of a vocal suits the tortured bleakness of the music, cutting up through the mix with clarity, despite adding another of rasp among the layers of guitars....."

Full review on Drowned in Sound Favorite track: Enough.
Sammy Hydewell
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Sammy Hydewell Faroe and Children of Darkness are fucking bangers. The rest of the album is good, but those tracks made me want to throw money at these fools. Favorite track: Children Of Darkness.
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released August 10, 2015

Recorded and mixed by Marius Heuser (January-May 2015)
Mastered by Roland Wiegner at Die Tonmeisterei (May 2015)
Additional Vocals on:
- Modern Slavery Exists by Brian
- Dawn by Alex CF



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THURM Germany

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Track Name: Modern Slavery Exists
brought to the shrine as a virgin
to be married to the gods
from then on she is a slave
raped frequently by the priests
brought to the mines
to work in the dark
they find themselves stuck in a dead-end tunnel of danger and despair
dancing with fake breasts and bells around his ankles
to satisfy his masters needs
influential men - playing with boys
when they feel their life is over they have on longer any reason to resist
it‘s just avoiding beatings until they die
hoping for the end
"An estimated 35.8 million men, women, and children around
the world are trapped in modern slavery today. Modern sla-
very involves one person possessing or controlling a person
in such a way as to significantly deprive that person of their
individual liberty, with the intention of exploiting that person
through their use, management, profit, transfer or disposal.
Modern slavery contributes to the production of at least 122 goods from 58 countries worldwide. The International LabourOrganization (ILO) estimates the illicit profits of forced labour
to be $US150 billion a year. From the Thai fisherman trawling fishmeal, to the Congolese boy mining diamonds, from the
Uzbek child picking cotton, to the Indian girl stitching foot-
balls, from the women sewing dresses, to the cocoa pod pickers, their forced labour is what we consume. Modern
slavery is big business. Acknowledging the problem, and ad-
vocating against it is not philanthropy
– it is our responsibility"
you may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know
Track Name: Faroe
day of the grind
the sea is coloured red
it‘s not the breaking dawn
that bathes us in deadly light
it is their lethal shadows
carrying cruel knives
they are fated to die
a fatal massacre without a use
assassin is what tradition spawns
no matter what you say to us there is no excuse
what goads you
what qualifies you to take a life
no matter what you say to us there is no excuse
Track Name: Children Of Darkness
you struggle through life
abandoned by your loved ones
loneliness is your silent enemy
creaking timber
planks scream your name
black welters awaiting you
don’t harbour their embrace
have a firm hand on the tiller
to not spin around
or else the maelstrom
will get you down
when water is the blackest
selfharm is your only relief
saying it will be okay
but it won’t
creaking timber
planks scream your name
black welters awaiting you
don’t harbour their embrace
when your shelter becomes isolation
when anxiousness turns into desperation
saying it will be okay
but it won’t
black welters embracing you
black welters don’t harbour them
Track Name: FGM
you felt safe
until the ones you loved
abused your trust
with a piece of old rusted steel
to cut off your armor of innocence
this bloodstained blade saw many faces
death, its silent companion, has spared you
for you are left mutilated
for you are left broken
there is no place for torture in this world
there can’t be no forgiveness for what they did to you
no tradition nor belief rectifies your stolen dignity
she felt safe
until you abused her trust
with an old rusted blade
you steal her dignity
and cut off her armor of innocence
Track Name: Enough
hold on pain ends
hold on pain ends
don’t give up - never let go
fill your blank eyes with emotions
don’t give up - never let go
the walls you built can be teared down
the burden can be held by others
show the world you‘re still alive
don‘t fear day and night
place bracelets on your wrists instead of scars
and shine while you walk through valleys of shadows and fear
you are not alone
you are not weak
you are enough
Track Name: Dawn
nature’s garden once was mankind’s home
closed eyes didn‘t see the beauty outside
a scene of destruction every now and then
we cannot rebuild what is lost forever
old shine - shimmering like water in the sun
lost shine - like a thunder rises and water becomes dark
walls crumble - all glamour is gone
all that remains is dust
the brave new world, a fiction of lies
it‘s the dawn of an era where we will erase ourselves
we cannot rebuild what is lost forever
we cannot remove the poison we‘ve spread
we can’t recreate the species we wiped out
we cannot rescue what we destroyed ourselves
we cannot rebuild what is lost forever
Track Name: Shores
reach better lands
distress led us here
forlornness goads us
the demons of daylight
the ghosts of the night
the souls of lost times
whispering in the dark
torturing in light
hope for the shore of peace to be near